It Happened to Me

I Blinked, But It’s Still a Nice Shot

Rannie dropped by the office last week and took this picture of me at my desk:

Click the photo to see it at full size on Rannie’s weblog, Photojunkie.

The “Hail Ants” shirt was made by Chris “Planet Simpson” Turner. He’s selling them to support expenses incurred during his book tour.

3 replies on “I Blinked, But It’s Still a Nice Shot”

I want one of those Canadian umbrellas.

Oh, and I thought I’d let you know that is no longer active (should be removed from your blogroll).

Hey! Wait just a second! *I* am the mastermind behind the Hail Ants empire!

But I should note, Jo, that you got one of the now highly coveted and completely sold out blue two-toned ones. Lucky lucky!

We’re re-ordering in a few new colours and styles, so I’ll shamelessly plug them yet again, here.

Thanks for the shout out, hope the birthday was great. All the best, A

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