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Hello Again, Lupo!

Low job satisfaction. Click the picture to view the movie — warning: ridiculous cartoon gore, over-the-top swearing.

Lupo the Butcher is a hilarious short animated film and one of

my happy memories from my university days. They used to show it on the

big screen at the Diamond Club (it’s now called The Phoenix) during

last call. My friend Ryan Murphy gave me a QuickTime copy of the film,

and it became a regular feature whenever people came over to visit.

Unfortunately, Lupo was one of those files that I failed to transfer to

later computers and I’d forgotten all about it until Darryl Wiggers

(program director for Scream, Canada’s horror movie channel and all

’round ace dude) sent me a copy. Here it is, for your enjoyment [2.9MB QuickTime — Warning: Cartoon gore, loads of swearing].

International Rocketship, the animation company that made Lupo the Butcher, went on to make the funny and disturbing Far Side animated special. If anyone know how to acquire a copy of that little gem, please let me know!

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The funny thing is that I’ve been using the phrase “Oh Christ, I quit,” in the Lupo voice for years, and had completely forgotten the source of that.

Haven’t used “Son of a bitch, piece of shit job. I quit,” since I left Raytheon, oddly enough.

— Lara

Fucking I don’t no. Saw this short when I was an editor in the news room at CTV in Toronto Canada. We used all those phrases for weeks.

I miss Lupo!

Bum you get a job!

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