Adam Smith: Live Event Photography

My old partner in software development crime, Adam Smith, is a man of

many interests: graphic design, user interface engineering,

record/CD/DVD/book collecting, music — especially flamenco percussion,

coffee, ranting and photography. This entry is about that last interest.

Since moving back to Vancouver from Toronto, he’s started a freelance photography business,

and his work is excellent. He specializes in available-light (a.k.a.

Flash Free photography), which I prefer myself — especially for live

events. He’s written up an explanation behind this preference:

I have chosen to avoid flash photography mainly for two reasons.

Firstly it’s distracting to the performers and the audience. The performance is the reason

those people are all there, and most people in the room will have payed money to be a part

of the event. Excessive use of flashes is just rude.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, I want my photographs to be a representation of what

the audience saw at the performance. If the performance was dark and moody, the photographs

should reflect that. Performers choose lighting carefully —

it’s as much a part of the presentation as their appearance and the sound quality.

If you’re out in the Vancouver area and you need a photographer for a

live event, Adam Smith is your man! Tell him Joey sent you.

Photo: Chuck D, photographed by Adam Smith.

Chuck D, photographed by Adam Smith.

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omg! yet another blast from my past. Adam taught me Director & others when i went back to school. i forgot all about your connection to him. i’ll be sure to drop him a line.

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