Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Accordion City is Getting an Apple Store!

Guile just told me that Accordion City has been designated to get its

very own Apple Store. I don’t know how local Apple retailers —

especially long-time non-chain Apple dealers like CPUsed and Carbon Computing — feel about this.

Photo: Interior of the Ginza (Tokyo) Apple Store.

Apple Stores tend to be way funkier than your typical computer retailer. Pictured above is the Ginza (Tokyo) store.

(By the way, single geek guys: unlike most computer stores, Apple Stores are frequented by women, and often cute artsy ones.)

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Unless you live in Hartford, CT. The Apple Store there is one of the lamer places around I’d guess :).

Bah, who cares what CPUsed thinks. They can suck it.

I won’t refer anyone there to be ripped off.

I had to spend significant time last Sunday at the Apple Store getting my laptop fixed. Every single person working there (all male) and a good deal of the customer base (all genders) were quite cute, though granted many in that geeky way that may only appeal to a subsection. But it’s my subsection dammit. And now I want another excuse to go back to the Apple Store.


I heard that the store was going to by at Yorkdale where they are adding 40 high profile stores.

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