Japanese McDonald’s Ads

It would appear that today’s entries are following a “fast food” theme

today. I hadn’t planned it that way, but I’m on a roll now.

You may have seen these already — I downloaded the videos last week and planned to post them, only to be beaten by BoingBoing and MetaFilter — but in case you haven’t, check out these ads for a new Japanese McDonald’s burger, the Tomato McGrand. There’s one with a sexy female model [690K Windows Media video] and one with a sexy male model [710K Windows media video], both done up like Ronald McDonald.

Photo: Stills from Japanese promo for a new McDonald's burger, the 'Tomato McGrand'.

You can find all the ads on this page.

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tha guy looks emo cept tha fact that hes all colorful…but tha girl is pretty!ohhhhh this is nothin compared to tha firsy ronald mc donald!

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