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Big Weekend Coming Up

This is a big weekend for Yours Truly for a couple reasons. There’s the

party (email me at accordionguy you-know-what-symbol gmail

you-know-what-punctuation-mark com if you’re in Accordion City and would like to attend), but even more importantly, this is the weekend when Wendy

and her parents fly in for the Meeting of the Parents. This is not new

territory for me, as our family did this back in 1999 when we first met

my brother-in-law’s folks (this meeting gets some mention in the final installment of my Worst Date Ever story).

This is also the weekend that I give Wendy her ring. It’s a little bit

unusual and a little bit flash. Perfect for the special lady who wants

to spend the rest of her life with me.

Robertson and I did some party shopping yesterday evening. First Costco

for food and mix, followed by a trip to the beer store. I’m supplying

microbrew this year, all from the Wellington Brewery: Beehive Honey Lager, Wellington Special Pale Ale and Wellington County Dark Ale. In honour of the engagement, I’m also serving Ring Pops.

Dave “Logan’s Dave” Ahrens,

an old friend of Wendy whom I met in July, arrives in Toronto Friday

night. Dave, I’m hoping to show you a little bit of the ol’ stomping

ground — perhaps Smokeless Joe for some fine ales or the Bovine Sex Club for some disreputable drinkin’!

I can guarantee that an ambulance guy will show up sometime at the party, but I assure you it’ll be good news. Tom “Random Acts of Reality” Reynolds

is flying from London to Accordion City to attend the bash. Tom, you

have earned the party’s Phineas Fogg award for being the guest who

travelled the greatest distance to attend the party.

(Tom’s blog, which details stories about his life in the London

Ambulance Service, is a gripping read — it earned him an interview in The Guardian.)

I have a Shaun of the Dead trucker cap that I keep forgetting to send to Suw “Chocolate and Vodka” Charman, who is possibly the world’s biggest fan of that movie. I’m going to give it to Tom to bring back to her.

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I’m at Heathrow Airport now…on my way (as long as flight AC849 doesn’t plunge, flaming into the Atlantic ocean)

Ooooh! 🙂

Have a great time Joey – happy birthday to you! Wish I could be there.

Tom – don’t forget the cap. Oh, and have a great time. 😉

I can’t wait to be there. It’s been waaaaaaaaaaaay too long since I’ve been to Canada! I got ya a little something, too.

Happy birthday in advance.


I have been reading your blog…and really like it. Not at all surprised you have the same birthday as me.

Hope you have great day tomorrow!


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