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A Conversation I Had Last Thursday, Done in the Style of "Death to the Extremist"

Photo: Me at the 'Planet Simpson' book launch last Thursday.

Me at Chris Turner’s book launch.

While at the launch for Chris Turner’s book, Planet Simpson,

I ran into Samantha, who was one of the people who decided to hop into

the Hot Tub Truck when it was parked outside Lee’s Palace after the

White Cowbell Oklahoma concert. It was during this encounter with the

Hot Tub Truck that I booked it for my 2003 birthday party.

(Here are two entries on the event, and you might want to check out the

photo album — there’s an album version and a slideshow version.)

I was feeling inspired after having been contacted by M. Zole, author and illustrator of one of my favourite webcomics, Death to the Extremist. I’ve decided to blog the conversation with Samantha in the form of a Death to the Extremist comic, shown below:

Comic: A conversation done in the style of the webcomic 'Death to the Extremist'.

Sam does not look weird in the photo, she looks good. As for Luke Skywalker, here’s a profile shot, and here’s the dry-humping shot [some boy-and-girl-in-wet-clothes groping — may not be safe for your workplace].

3 replies on “A Conversation I Had Last Thursday, Done in the Style of "Death to the Extremist"”

yo, it’s the girl you met on saturday on queen and spadina who can’t play the accordion! i found your site!

i was telling my friend about how we met you and you played nine inch nails and she was happy ’cause they are her favourite band.

you know your accordion.

– miranda.

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