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The Bulge Under George Bush’s Suit…

…is most likely a natural phenomenon in clothing. Take a look at

these photos of random people in Manhattan. They have the bukge too.

Click the picture to see the photo at full size:

Photo: Collection of photos of random people in Manhattan with George Bush-like bulges.

Third from the left, top row: the dreaded Volvo ass!

The Hill has a story featuring the president’s tailor showing how suit naturally get a bulge when its wearer crosses his arms and leans forward:

Photo: The President's tailor, one George de Paris, showing the natural occurence of the bulge.

Okay, buddy. Now explain your hair.

Finally, there’s the matter of receiving devices. If Bush were wired and getting cues from Karl Rove or some other coach:

  • He wouldn’t have been so damned inarticulate.
  • He’d

    have used a smaller device. We’re in the age of teeny cellphones; “spy

    tech” stores in major cities sell much tinier walkie-talkies.

Of course, without this flap, we wouldn’t have gotten fun “remixes” like this one:

Photo: Parody iPod ad, 'idebate', featuring a silouhette of Dubya at the debates with an iPod on his back.

One reply on “The Bulge Under George Bush’s Suit…”

GW is such a hipster. After the debates he goes right home and docks his pod with his Ibook and surfs the internets.

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