Accordion, Instrument of the Gods

Electro-Accordions Galore

Warpjam mentioned to me that Gizmodo pointed to the Topaz-1, an old Soviet electronic accordion, pictured below. I love the styling, which is reminiscent of the original Star Trek series’ design aesthetic:

Photo: Topaz-1, an old Soviet electronic accordion.

Here in North America, electronic accordions have been marketed by

Iorio (sometimes under the name Elkavox). Here’s a top-of-the-line

model (taken from this selection), currently selling new for about US$6000. Note the touch-pad button control panel!

Photo: Top-of-the line Iorio Accorgan

There are also MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) accordions,

which can be used to control one or more synthesizers, samplers and

even drum machines Here’s the ultra-fancy Excelsior MIDI accordion:

Photo: Excelsior MIDI accordion.

And let’s not forget the premier make of accordion, Hohner, who haven’t forgotten that we’re living the 21st century now.

2 replies on “Electro-Accordions Galore”

I have had the chance to play the new Excelsior Midi vox accordion (my teacher bought one)…..Nice and light, but takes a bit to get used to, the relation between the bellows and the sound you produce is still there but it feels kinda wierd.

He says it put his tuba player out of work as he can assign a nice deep string bass to the bass notes and turn it up on the amp.

hohner is a decorated cigar box and not the premiere maker of accordions. try Bell or Excelsior. that new Roland sure looks nice, though. Especially in red.


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