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More VP Debate Humour

Here’s a snippet from yesterday’s Achewood comic,

which pokes fun at the VP debates. These two panels convey actual

points from the debate, but the really funny stuff happens when John

Edwards (played by Achewood’s Renaissance Bear, Teodor) points out

fictitious votes in Congress made by Dick Cheney (played by Achewood’s

resident asshat, Pat):

Also enjoyable: Landover Baptist’s We Need Dick!:

Cheney has done his part to put colored people in their place worldwide

as well.  Cheney consistently voted against sanctions on South Africa

for its policy of apartheid (which, translated in English, means “God’s

chosen few”).  Cheney even had the courage to vote against every House

resolution calling for the release from prison of Nelson Mandela. 

Cheney’s Christian conviction that apartheid was right for South Africa

(and Mandela belongs behind bars) has proven correct.  While liberal

Democrats were falling all over themselves to pander to the votes of penniless

coloreds, whom our Godly forefathers brought to this blessed country just

so those lazy creatures would have work, Cheney had the moral backbone

to stand up and say, “Nelson Mandela is no different than most black men

– he is a criminal.”  Spurred on by Satan, the liberals ultimately

won.  And look where South Africa is today.  The coloreds can

go anywhere they want and the country is in a state of ruin.  The

Lord said that servants and slaves should obey their masters with “fear

and trembling” (Ephesians 6:5).  And look what happened when the Lord

and Cheney were ignored.  Those South Africans can’t even leave a Christmas

tree air freshener in their parked cars without it being stolen.

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You mean that apartheid means “God’s chosen few”? Since it’s Dutch word, I can tell you that best translation I can come up with is “separateness”. Yes I know it’s not a real English word, but I think people know what I mean.

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