Cheap iPods in Accordion City

Here’s something for you Accordion City bargain-hunters: Factory Direct Computer Outlet is selling refurbished 10 gig iPods for CDN$279 ( reports that this is US$221.83 as I write this).

Photo: Older-model iPod.

I’ve had nothing but good experiences with the refurbs from Factory

Direct — both my old Windows desktop (which I brought into work to

replace the horrid TPS report machine I was issued) and my new Windows

desktop at home were Factgory Direct Refrurbs that ran without a hitch.

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Are these the first iPods that came out? I’ll have to do some research on the evolution of the interface (buttons around the wheel, four buttons above the wheel, buttons within the wheel…)

10Gb probably means 2nd gen at the latest, something which is confirmed by the picture they have on screen.

$280CAD + tax for a 10Gb 2G iPod aint exactly a good deal tho. I’m seeing 15Gb 3G w/dock, remote, case going used for $250-$300.


Eh – I had a bad experience with FD – my first laptop, which was cursed with a battery that never charged. The laptop became a desktop, never acquainting itself with my lap, natch. FD were very uncooperative about servicing it.

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