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A wiki, in case you haven’t heard of such a thing, is a piece of

software (usually web-based, but not necessarily) designed to 

allow people to collaboratively add, edit and delete content. Some

notable features that separate a wiki from a plain old content

management system are:

  • Automatic linking.

    If an entry titled “Accordion” is in the wiki, any occurence of the

    word “accordion” in any entry in the wiki will be automatically linked

    to the “Accordion” entry.

  • Complete histories of every change.

    Wikis keep track of every change made to them and make it possible to

    “undo” changes. Coupled with a community, this feature helps to ensure

    the integrity of the wiki and protects it from malicious acts while

    still maintaining openness.

The best-known wiki at the moment is Wikipedia,

an incredibly useful encyclopedia which boasts over 350,000 articles.

If you’re looking for information, say a quick overview of the Treaty of Westphalia or Maimonides, it’s a good wiki to consult.

But what if you want to know how to win a kinfe fight? Or in a less lethal vein, how to fight and not get your ass kicked? Or even less lethally, how to win a hot dog eating contest? You know, useful stuff? Then you want to consult Everything2.

It’s not quite a wiki — where wikis present articles as a whole, you

append your own two cents to Everything2’s articles rather than edit


Oh yes, you’ll find boooooring articles like a rather detailed summary of the Count of Flanders and a discussion of MP3 sound quality, but you’ll also find:

You know, useful stuff.

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Interesting site you’ve got here, although somewhat difficult to navigate around (no contact link or simple archive). I’d never heard of Blogware or Everything before visiting your page. Fun posts – you’re now on my Bloglines – by the way, did you know that you have three feeds that are all the same – plus, it would be nice if you could cut down the feed title (notice how huge it is on my Bloglines blogroll)! God bless….

The links on the bottom of each page on E2 are interesting, too. For instance, that article on Clubbing has: Why strapping buttered toast to a cat’s back will not produce infinite power.

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