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Celebrity Spotting in Accordion City

A couple of the Queen West regulars have told me that Johnny Depp is in town for the Film Festival and has been hanging out at Shanghai Cowgirl. Be careful, Johnny: their sweet potato fries and wasabi mayonnaise may be tasty-licious, but a few plates of those and Sir Mix-A-Lot may be writing raps about you.

Val Kilmer’s presence is also being felt in town, albeit in a different way:

Photo by Cory Doctorow.

Cory Doctorow took the photo above during his last visit to town. He, Possum and I had just come from watching The Village (“A ninety-minute Twilight Zone

episode”, he called it) and were walking along Grange Avenue towards

Spadina when we saw “Val Kilmer” with a peace sign on a side door to one of the Chinese markets.

“You think it’s for his career as a whole, or just a specific role?” I asked. “I liked him best as ‘Nick Rivers’ in Top Secret.”

A couple of weeks later, during her visit to Toronto, Wendy spotted this graffito as we were walking on Phoebe towards Soho (just north of The Black Bull):

Photo by Yours Truly.

The peace sign beside “Val Kilmer” suggests that the tagger probably saw The Doors and had some kind of epiphany. I haven’t seen the movie — was it really that good?

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There’s another Val Kilmer one on Baldwin street right behind Mt Sinai Hospital (what’s that intersection? Baldwin and McCaul?)

Yeah, the “val kilmer” graffiti is all over the place, second only to the “I love you” graffiti. I think we should put the two next to each other somewhere…

– Paul

He sends his regards and asked me if you were naturally an asshole or if you took some kind of course.

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