As if the deep-fried Mars Bar weren’t enough…

…now someone’s posted a recipe for deep-fried Oreos. They’re basically Oreo cookies dunked in pancake batter and then deep-fried.

I don’t even want to know the fat and carb counts for these puppies.

We could probably harness the rotational energy from Dr. Atkins’ grave to power an entire city.

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Many of the chip shops in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (and likely elsewhere) sell SPAM fritters – deep-fried slices of Hormel goodness. I just had to try one, but that was enough for me! My brother-in-law lives for them.

I can personally attest that these things are not quite the delicacy that they seem. The deepfrying causes the cookies to get soggy and you basically end up eating a half-digested Oreo funnel cake that is covered in wetness.

Stick with french fries and be sure to drown ’em in that Dutch mayo crap.

I’m thinking Scotland is the home of the deep fried mars Bar, right? Anyway, I can confirm that they are actually really tasty, just like a warm, slightly sticky chocolate pudding. Very much recommended, especially after a few beers.

Martin (in Edinburgh)

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