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New Accordion City Blog: Better Living Centre

From the “I really wanted to post about this sooner” department: My bloggy friends Marc Weisblott (who does the words) and Brett Lamb

(who does the pictures, and some words too) are the masterminds behind

the new blog on all things  Toronto — or Accordion City, as I

like to call it — called Better Living Centre.

The BLC, as its founders like to call it, will focus on news and events

in and around the Toronto area. I’ll leave it to Brett to tell the story of why he and Marc created the blog.

As for the name, I believe it’s derived from the building at the Canadian National Exhibition with the same name, a 50’s modernist “machines for living

edifice that used to feature home furnishings and appliances when I was

a kid (imagine Sears trying to put on a World’s Fair type of show

featuring their goods). I have no idea what’s inside it now.

There’s all kinds of good Accordion City-related stuff in Better Living Centre, and in light of mainstream journalism’s flight from blogging and general web availability (witness the recent moves at the Globe and the Post), there’s a void of Toronto-specific news reportage that can be filled with interesting bloggers.

It should be an interesting companion to another Toronto blog, GTABloggers (whose focus is more about Toronto bloggers socializing). I’m going to have to cross-post there sometime.

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To the best of my knowledge (as I haven’t been there in several years), the BLC building is now the CNE’s casino–something to be explained on the site’s “about” page, eventually. (And thanks for the shout-out, sir.)

Marc W.

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