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John and Raja Go to Leonard 313

John (whose blog, is off to a very good start) and Raja are students at Crazy Go Nuts University.

In a comment for the entry in which I advised students moving into

residence (“dorms” for my American readers) to flip their mattresses

over, Raja asked:

what res did you occupy in first year at queens?

I replied

that I lived in Leonard Hall, room 313. It’s where I met some good

people with whom I’m friends to this day, most notably one

mostly-upstanding gentleman by the name of George Tudor Scriban. (Our wacky adventures together stretched beyond school and into what passes for “the real world”: we joined OpenCola, a dot-com co-founded by science fiction author/EFF Crusader/Boing Boing non-fetish article writer Cory Doctorow.)

Since John and Raja seem to be the civic-minded sort (and since it’s

coincidentally a good excuse to check out the freshettes), they set out

to visit the current occupant of Leonard 313 and personally advise him

to flip over the mattress. Being an intrepid blogger, John blogged this

journey into the heart of darkness, complete with photographs!

Raja and John: “Whoo-hoo! We’re goin’ to White Castle! Er, I mean Leonard Hall.”

(John, I notice you’re wearing a shirt with the Alma Mater Society logo that was designed during the first half of my era at Crazy Go Nuts University. I know the real story of how that logo came to be.)

Here’s a shot of the walk leading up to Leonard Hall. And yes, Crazy Go Nuts University has many, many pretty young ladies.

“I…like…Queen’s butts and I cannot lie!”

They found the room:

Wait a minute. What does that sign to the left of the door say? NOOOOOOOOOO!

It turns out that my old room is occupied by a freaking Residence Don,

whose oath of maintaining Law, Order and General Lameness is

diametrically opposed to my Bluto Blutarski approach to

post-secondary academics. I’m sure my roommate, Mark Sedore, would

object too. We’re going to have to visit this Homecoming and perform

some kind of exorcism on the room.

The Don, who goes by the name Darren, wasn’t in, so they left him a note:

My calling card has been left, and I was hundreds of kilometres away! It’s as if I have my own secret army of the night!

John and Raja, I owe you some beers at Clark Hall Pub. Thanks, guys!

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No problem, man! Always fun to do some outreach and promotion in the name of blogging at CGNU =).


What is it with mattress flipping? You’re only going to get the crud, mung, fess, zis from the guy in the room TWO years ago!


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