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If you’re taking a University-level math course, read this comic

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… Last semester, I could actually do that. Of course, I’ve forgotten by now… Currently the prof wants me to believe that I’ll have to do loop invariant analysis and master theorem proofs…

I’ll believe him when he tells me that proving p = np can save the day.

Okay… were it a triple integral, it’d be either cylindrical or spherical coordinates. Straight polar is two-dimensional.

Remember kids: the integral of a continuous vector field (with continuous first-order derivatives, naturally) over a closed curve – traversed in the POSITIVE DIRECTION – is equal to the double integral of the scalar product of the curl of that vector field’s times the normal, taken over the surface.

(Stokes’ theorem made so much more sense two years ago – and yes, I need sleep.)

Holy crap, you’re right. Kudos to you, PICxpert, for being so sharp at 2 in the morning!

(For those who aren’t mathematically inclined: a triple integral suggests integration using three variables which implies three dimensions, so yes, spherical coordinates — two angles and a radius — and not polar — one angle and a radius — apply.)

Going to night school, all my CompSci profs had day jobs in industry while the Calc profs were bitter tenured guys. The upside was they never bothered to pretend that Calculus was anything more than a required subject.

Haha, that is so true. My matrix algebra prof says something like this every day.

Does anyone know where this comic is from originally? It looks familiar but I can’t exactly google for “comic with off-center googly eyes.” 🙂

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