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Fictional Spiders from Both Sides of the War

There: Allah Sent Spiders to Defeat the Americans

Sheik Sumide’i: They [the Americans] attacked Falluja and tried to cause great damage to its residents.
They destroyed mosques and homes,
killed women, children, and youths,
and spread corruption in Falluja.
Nevertheless, we believe that Allah protects the believers,
and indeed, Allah stood beside Falluja,
and I’d like to mention some miracles
Allah performed in Falluja.
It is possible that the media
does not know about them.

The first miracle that
occurred in Falluja
took the form of spiders
that appeared in the city –
each spider larger than this chair,
or about the size of this chair.
The American soldiers left,
holding the legs of this spider,
and I too, in one of the Friday
sermons, held up a spider,
with all its magnitude, in front of the satellite channels and in front of the world.
This spider also had thin black hair.
If this hair touches the human body,
within a short period of time
the body becomes black or blue,
and then there is an explosion
in the blood cells
in the human body –
and the person dies.

This is one of the miracles performed in support of Falluja,
and the Jihad that took place in Falluja.
Despite the damage done
to the American forces…

Interviewer: The people saw it, but the TV
stations did not air it?

Here: The Spiders

A web comic in which the U.S. military,
under President Al Gore utilizes robotic spiders controlled by American
internet users to monitor and perform psy-ops on the Taliban.

In spite of the slightly just out-of-reach tech and “ecstast bombs”, it’s more plausible than the Iraqi sheikh story. The Spiders is currently on hiatus, but still an interesting read.

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does he continue on this? I read the first three or four parts but I didn’t think there was more coming. thanks for reminding me to check it out again.

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