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DIY Bike Fenders

After emerging from a tasty dinner of avocado salad and beef skewers at the Red Room,
I noticed the fenders on one of the bikes locked up nearby. They looked
a little unusual, and on closer examination, they turned out to be
homemade. They’d been cut from a plastic distilled water container and
secured with washers and plastic ties:

I’ve always been impressed by home-grown ingenuity, and these water-jug fenders also have a funky DIY aesthetic too. Well done!

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I know a bunch of people who have built DIY fenders, either because commercial fenders are too expensive or don’t do what they need. I built a set for my winter bike out of coroplast (salvaged from old election signs) because nobody makes them big enough for my ultra-wide wheels.
It’s important to make sure your fenders are well attached though. See here (scroll down to about 5/6 of the way) to see what can happen if you don’t.

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