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Mysterion’s “Nails Up the Nose” Trick

Here’s a scene from Mysterion the Mind Reader’s act at the Bovine Sex Club last Saturday night.
It takes a lot to get someone at the Bovine to call you a freak, but
Mysterion’s “driving nails up his nose with a hammer” routine managed
to do just that.

Whoo! Sinus pain!

You can watch the video to see him in action [2.1 MB QuickTime link].

He does some pretty nifty card tricks, too.

5 replies on “Mysterion’s “Nails Up the Nose” Trick”

That Mysterion is just darn nifty!!!! Being a mind reader and human pain machine!!!!
You should see what he can do with his “Forth eye” Muahahahahaha

ah……. what?! Fuck!!! I knew I shouldn’t have let Mysterion use my computer unsupervised!!!
You go to pick up take out, and come home to find your Blogware account abused in such a vulgar way!!!
Damn you!!!!!
The Real Meryle!

Mmmmm… snotty nails! YUM!! *hehe*
BRAVO MYSTERTION!! BRAVO!!! *Stands and applaudes!*
Queen of Blood and Filth,
Demonica de Morte

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