A Question Mixing Pop Music and History [Updated]

If I were to start a very image-conscious commercial-sounding boy band named Gavrilo Princip, would anybody get the joke?

Update: Here a hint — there’s an alt-rock band that the critics seem to like called Franz Ferdinand.

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After some consultation, it turns out that I get it, but don’t think it’s funny. Hehehehehehe.

Maybe, but an image-conscious, commercial-sounding boy band wouldn’t be called Gavrilo Princip, would it?
It would be called G-Honey or The Yo Posse or something.

Oh, go ahead, ruin my fun. You were the guy who stood up in the theatre during Star Wars and said “But spaceships wouldn’t make any sound in a vaccuum!”, weren’t you?

I have the funny feeling that at least one-third of all Marilyn Manson fans don’t know where that band got its name.
-Ontario Emperor

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