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R.I.P. Rick James

It was announced only 20 minutes ago: Rick James, the man behind the hit single Super Freak and Dave Chapelle’s most-quoted routine, is dead at the age of 56.

I have got to get me boots like those.

Super Freak was my first “signature song” when I started DJing at Clark Hall Pub at Crazy Go Nuts University: when you heard Rick singing “She’s a very kinky giiiiirl…”, you knew that I was manning the booth.

Thanks for the music, Rick!

Download Super Freak (3.1 MB, 128k MP3)

One reply on “R.I.P. Rick James”

This is truly a loss. Rick had very strong ties to Accordion City, having founded his career here in the 70’s. I’m playing at Healey’s tonight, and we’ll see if we can’t fit in a tribute of some sort.
On the positive side, the jam in the afterlife keeps getting hipper!

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