Hey, it’s a comic I can forward to both Wendy (she’s Jewish) and Scott (who thinks he’s a robot): ShaBot 6000!

From the “About” page:

ShaBot 6000 is the continuing cartoon saga of a
pious Jew…

…who purchases a robot

…to work as Shabbos Goy for
his household. The inquisitive robot, ShaBot, decides
that he is Jewish, and is therefore unable to fulfill his duties as
servant. ShaBot spends his days asking questions about Judaism, trying
to find logic in a religion that sometimes DOES NOT COMPUTE.

ShaBot 6000 is unlike any other Jewish themed cartoon.
In fact, the only other Jewish cartoon worth mentioning is Yaakov Kirschen’s Dry
, a venerable comic strip which has been in syndication since
the 1970’s! Whereas Dry Bones is mostly about Israel and Middle Eastern
politics, ShaBot 6000 is more about Jewish faith. ShaBot 6000 looks
at the lighter side of kashrut, parshat
, Talmud,
interfaith and more, often challenging Jewish principles that most
would never dare question. ShaBot 6000 is a comic strip for
the 21st century modern Jew!

Trust me — it’s pretty amusing. I may be a goy, but since five I know from funny!

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