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The Further Adventures of the Swing Formerly Known as Secret

I’ll be damned: MuchMusic just called me, asking for the location of the Secret Swing.

VJ Jennifer Hollett (whom I met during my 2002 and 2003 appearances on the live afternoon show
MuchOnDemand) placed the call; she thought it would be a great place to
conduct a band interview.

The Secret Swing is a perfect place for interviews — I can see rock,
indie, punk and hip-hop bands jumping at the chance to answer questions
and try out the swing. It’s also located quite conveniently: a
five-minute drive from the MuchMusic studios. I’m also sure that sooner
or later, someone’s
going to shoot a music video there (I see Hawksley Workman crooning and
swinging there).

I can draw two conclusions:

  • The Secret Swing ain’t so secret now.
  • My whuffie must be going up; a major video network called me for intel!

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OK. While to most of you this is the Secret Swing, it actually is right beside my girlfriend Kingi Carpenter’s store (Peach Berserk)
Today when I was loading stuff into her store via the alleyway, there was a young couple necking there.
If you devulge the secret location of the swing,
this might never happen again.
I implore you.
Treat Paradise Lost with respect.
Don’t build a drive-in at Valhalla.
Tell the public about the secret sandbox, the secret ghost slide or the so-called secret Bermuda Triangle,
but for the love of Christ,
leave the secret swing and the Hurlahee Boy alone!

I’ve always had a little crush on Jen, but WOW, what a beautiful picture!

Secret Swing Update.
Not has a day has gone by without people making mention of “The Swing”
Today the GLOBE AND MAIL contacted me about a story they wanted to do regarding my photoblog. I called them up and basically wanted information on the SWING.

gj on moving up in the world of manufactured corporate cool. that’s the worst VJ muchmusic has ever had. not ur fault, but still.

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