Toronto (a.k.a. Accordion City)

Happy Birthday, Scott!

My co-worker and friend Scott Murff
— newest member of Tucows’ Research and Innovation group — turns the big three-oh today. In honour of
his birthday, his involvement in videogames and his fondness for Asia,
I dedicate this photo (which I found on HoopaJoop) to him:

Level up, yo! Clearly this is some secret level of Super Mario World that I missed.

Happy birthday, dude!

We’ll be celebrating his birthday tonight at the West Lounge Bar (510 King Street West, on the north side, just west of Bathurst). It’s a bit South Beach-y; this review says to dress up and be nice to the clipboard-carrying gatekeepers (who loved the accordion last time I was there).

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Yeah, I know cameras can bit a bit phallic under any circumstances, but c’mon, that’s a joke, right?

I have seen the commercial that this shot is filming. It is for Donkey Kong vs Mario on the GBA.
And yes, like most Japanese TV, it does contain a close up of the young lady’s chest (which attracted my attention more than than the game.)

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