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Extreme Occam’s Razor

[ via #joiito ] A German couple went to a fertility clinic to find out why they were still childless, and the answer turned out to be ridiculously simple.

How this is possible in the country that created [safe for work, but a little weird] is beyond me. I smell a tall tale. I hope.

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Actually, they were not quite that naive. According to this German article, they seem to have been aware that kids are usually the result of sex and tried to do it that way but were hoping for an immaculate conception after encountering “performance problems”.

I read a very similar story a couple years back, except that the couple was reportedly in China (and both college professors, or something). I don’t doubt either story: In a world this big, with so many ways for people to be ignorant, the number of married adults unaware that sex causes babies is probably a whole lot higher than four.

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