Blogware 1.0

After putting in over a year’s worth of work — research,
programming, testing and collecting feedback — we are proud to
announce the official release of Blogware version 1.0!

Blogware is our dream weblogging tool, the answer to a
question we
asked ourselves: “If we could make our ideal weblog software, what
would it be like?” The end result is a tool that we not only build, but
use every day in both our professional capacities and for personal

Blogware has many features,

  • A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What
    You Get) editor built into its web interface
  • A
    built-in comments system that can notify you and your readers via email
    whenecver a new comment is posted to a specific
  • An advanced photo album system that allows
    you to bulk upload photos as zip files and can resize them as it
  • A category system that allows your to post
    your articles under one or more categories
  • A reader
    sign-on system that lets you assign reader permissions for specific
  • A
    built-in filesystem that can be used for storing files that can be
    included in your articles, for plain HTML pages, or even just as a
    place to back up or share your files
  • Moblogging —
    you can post articles or photos via email-enabled handheld devices such
    as PDAs or cell phones
  • All kinds of options for customizing the look and feel of
    your weblog, including a layout manager that makes designing you blog’s layout as simple and dragging and dropping.

…and we’re not done yet. We’re constantly collecting
feedback and improving Blogware.

Blogware is available through a number of resellers, each
their own pricing plan and support package. If you’d like to find out
more, see this
list of resellers
to see which Blogware offering is the right
one for you!

Boss Ross, who’s been running the
Blogware project since its inception last February, sends out
thank-yous in his latest blog entry, and points to a more official-sounding news release about Blogware 1.0 in Yahoo! Finance.

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Man, that’s kinda sucky timing, just as the revamped Blogger comes out and drowns out mention of the rest

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