"Less chanty! More stretchy!"

Deenster’s not too keen on the spritual aspects of her yoga class, and somehow I am reminded of the cautionary tale of Ed Gruberman at Tae Kwon Leep class [2.8 MB MP3].

Deenster, I suggest BodyFlow (which is done at GoodLife gyms across Accordion City) or Pilates. All the stretching and strengthening, none of the faux-Hindu / faux-Buddhism.

Or, if you really want to work out hard (which doctors are recommending), join me at BodyPump or BodyCombat!

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Yeah! I totally agree with the title of this entry! I’m fortunate enough to be taking Yoga classes right in my building for the low, low price of $50 for 9 classes. There’s no chanting and lots of challenging stretches.

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