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Boston People Eat Weird Food, Man

Taken last Sunday near Boston Common:

Not just fried dough, but unattended fried dough!

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what, pray tell, could be more pure, more manna-like, than dough, fried, with copious amounts of powdered sugar (and perhaps a little cinnamon) sprinkled thereupon?

other parts of the country hide behind names like “funnel cake”, “beignet”, or even “donut”; but the bostonian cares not for such dissimilation. fried dough. says it all.

In Canada, the names would be “beaver tail” or “elephant ear” or some such thing.

Mmm… beeeaaver taaails.

Here’s the thing about Fried Dough in New England, I say New England because although I’m a Bostonian I’ve never had fried dough at the Boston Commons, only at festivals and the occasional carnival or fair around New England. After they fry your dough they slather it in melted butter before covering it in powdered sugar. I asked for no butter because I thought I’d save my self a few calories. Don’t ask me why, I was clearly fooling myself. But my fried dough, sans butter was just not as good. It missed a certain richness that you just don’t get in fryer fat. Sigh….

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