Elliot Noss Addresses the Office

Here’s Tucows’ CEO Elliot Noss addressing the employees about the upcoming acquisition of Boardtown, a Mississippi-based vendor specializing in billing, help desk, and other software for internet service providers:

We don’t have a large enough meeting room to accomodate the entire

company, so Elliot simply climbed Printer Station 3 and made a quick

presentation from there. Most of us are to either side of the frame or behind the camera. The row behind Elliot is where I sit.

The photo’s a bit blurry because I opted to turn off the flash so as

not to disrupt Elliot’s presentation, but I think it gets the idea

across that (a) we’re not in some hellish office complex and (b) we’re

not so stuffy that we can’t have the CEO hop up on a table and address

the gang.

I’ll write a little bit more about the acquisition and the business we’re in in a later entry.

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Your CEO stands on office furniture to Inspire and Inform? I think that would give my organizational behaviour prof – and most of my coworkers at Large Financial Institution last summer – fits.

Know if you guys take co-op / internship students? 🙂

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