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BloggerCon Notes 2: Visions from Users, Lisa Williams

Saturday, April 17th, 2004 — 9:00 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

Lisa Williams, discussion leader

  • Lisa: Developers work in the dark
  • A couple of answers to Lisa’s first question: “Why do you blog?”
    • “I’m a poser, I don’t blog”
    • Dan Bricklin: Likes the feedback, does it for business reasons, express himself, connect with people

  • Some discussion about categories — someone remarked that they wish categories could have subcategories [ Blogware does this! — Joey ]
  • Comments discussion   

    • Does any one have problems with comments? Technical or people?
    • Jeff Jarvis has “rules of engagement” (which appear in the sidebar of his blog)   
    • Lisa has her own set of rules, including the Living Room Doctrine for comments (which appears in this post).


  • Losing posts in web-based blogging tools
    • “Use Control-A Control-C!”
  • Wishlist   

    • A service that let you republish someone else’s RSS onto your site
    • A blogging tool for note-taking
    • Different kinds of entries with different features, depending on the entry type: journal, link, opinion, response, etc.
    • Threaded comments which allowed you to respond to other comments rather than just the article [ Blogware has this! — Joey ]
    • Would like to Subscribe to a comments thread [ Blogware will have this! — Joey ]
    • Would like to be able to draw pictures
    • Text-to-speech blog: would like to be able to listen to blog while driving or working on other things
    • Better support for audioblogging
    • Better support for videoblogging
    • Better support for accessibility
    • A way to migrate a comment to the level of a post
    • Some way to automatically blog my comments made on other people’s blogs — maybe in a sideblog
    • Ability to ignore a specific commenter

  • Jeff Sandquist: Different people want to converse differently — comments / discussion group / chat etc

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