It Happened to Me

Awaiting the owners

The people who bought the house in which I’m currently living are

seeing the place with their own eyes for the very first time. I spent

all of last night doing clean-up, straightening out, installing the new

shower curtain I’d been meaning to get, and so on.

(Hey, housemate, where’d you disappear off to? A little help would’ve been appreciated. You get to clean the oven next time.)

The outside of the house is a flurry of window-washers at the moment;

and the blinds-cleaners are arriving soon. Thankfully, I’m not paying

for their services — my present-and-soon-to-be-former landlord is.

Being the guy whose name is on the lease, I’m sticking around the house

during the “window” when the new landlords are expected to visit and

inspect their new property. I’m also going to nag them about replacing my toilet from the 1920s.

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Oh, yeah, you’re in Canada where you can still buy a working toilet. Here in the lower 48, we’re stuck with the plunger-a-day models. What I wouldn’t give for a 1929 toilet!

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