Poliblogger Bash at the Drake

As a resident of the suburbs of Centerville (my co-worker Guile took the test and found out that he lives downtown) and the sort of person who learned accordion repair from Burning Man’s former chief pyrotechnician and had lunch with Cardinal Sin and the former First Lady of the Philippines (the wife of this gentleman), I like hanging out with all sorts of people. Tomorrow night is no exception as I will be attending the Poliblogger gathering organized by David “Ranting and Roaring” Janes at the Drake Hotel on West Queen West,

deep in the heart of an area where you’re not likely to find

conservative gathering. The crowd will be an intruiguing, entertaining

and well-spoken bunch, including special guest Damian “Daimnation!” Penny.

The fun starts at 8 p.m.. Be there and be square!

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Nope, I believe he’s going to be in Phoenix for yet another digerati thingy. Your best bet to catch him will be at the signing at Bakka Books on the 27th.

I can’t leave it at that. Cory (and Lessig) by being so blatently partisan — in a non-intellectual “Republicans are moral and mental retards” sort of way — have done far more damage than they have help to the IP cause.

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