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At least I’m a cute drunk

The Redhead writes about my phoning her whilst in the middle of some serious St. Patrick’s Day imbibing (from which I am suffering no ill effects).

Don’t scoff: you’ve all made drunken phone calls before. And hey, it was to the current girlfriend.

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AHHHH….. So thats who you were calling!!! Sorry for ignoreing you most of the night hon. But I had to “work it” on the cute boy….. you understand right? 😉 I mean, you did say it is comming up on “cocktoberfest”. The whole group of us are going to see undead tonight! Woot for goup non-date dates!

Well, at least you had a good time. It was fun to see you at the Toad performing with a former boss of mine.

“current” is an ugly, unflattering little word. It implies an incomplete sequence. To a jaded old fart like me, anyway.

I’m sure he meant it more along the lines of drunken girlfriend calling is usually drunken EX-girlfriend calling, saying things like “*burp* listen yur a fuckin bitch man….*blech* you know what? Immmsso sawry… lets ged back togethur…..”

Yes, I think you’re right. On reflection, I’m pretty disgusted at myself for such an uncharitable interpretation.

Joey & Redhead – I’m genuinely sorry.

This strep throat is making me uncharacteristically cranky. That’s my excuse, anyway.

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