I am not the point of Jack’s movie

Screen shot: Tyler vs. Jack in the upcoming Fight Club videogame.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a screen shot of the upcoming videogame based on Fight Club. Here’s the description of the game:

Immerse yourself in this gritty, visceral world of bare-knuckle fighting, with action, story elements and environments true to the Fight Club movie. The extreme realism of the game will make you feel every punch and kick by delivering shocking visuals, untraditional moves, and special effects in fully interactive environments.

If you’ve seen the movie or better yet, read the book, you’ll know that in Fight Club — unlike space operas like Star Trek or Star Wars or sword-and-sorcery epics like The Lord of the Rings — the fighting is only an incidental aspect of the story. Hopefully, Vivendi Universal Games will realize this and add equally nonsensical bonus rounds in which players have to beat themselves up, pee in soup, test their tolerance for pain, splice porn scenes into regular movies, park an explosives-laden van in the basement of the TRW building, swap the safety cards on airliners with terrifying homemade ones and best of all, have mad monkey sex with Helena Bonham-Carter.

My own personal feeling is that Chuck Palahniuk novels are better suited to first-person adventure games, and preferably text-based ones. Something in the spirit of the oh-so-terribly-wrong web-based Brad: The Game (text only, but may not be safe for work).

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