It Happened to Me

Past self, meet the accordionist formerly known as Future Self

Back in July, I wrote:

Memo to my future self, six months from now

When you read this in the archives, be sure to say this to the cute

girl sitting in your lap: “See sweetie, before I met you I’d completely

given up all hope of meeting someone.”

Then cover her with ice cream and nibble on her bum.

The Redhead just pointed this out to me.

Um, what flavour, sweetie?

8 replies on “Past self, meet the accordionist formerly known as Future Self”

I do believe you’re the one who’ll want to choose the flavor. But, um, something without chocolate so we can share. 🙂

Eery six degrees of separation action! I clicked through some links following the whole “will I ever find someone” thread to wind up at the gtabloggers on TV post and spy mention of one Ry4an “the four is silent” Brase. Aside from being an all-around good guy, he was also my roommate at a high school summer program called Missouri Scholars Academy. I have fond memories of that summer and all the requisite high school geek hijinx . . . *sigh*


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