"A lot of you were jerks"

It reads like something straight out of John Hughes’ teen coming-of-age movies from the 80s: unpopular geek gets voted valedictorian as a joke and uses the opportunity to chastise his class.

From one high school nerd to another: Nicely done!

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I went to Oakville trafalger. Let me tell you that student body NEVER stops being assholes. good for him.

god I hated that school.

I almost went to OT… went to “The New School”, Iroquois Ridge, instead. Great administration, and somehow everyone seemed to get along. Not that much in the way of cliques.

Of course, that was then (graduated 2001), this is now, and since most of the original administration left, it’s gotten far, FAR worse. Still, nothing like that.

(Good on ‘im)

Meryle, which OT did you go to – when it was beside the hospital or the one on / near Devon Rd.? I can’t remember when they moved it.

no I went to the one on devon road. the funny thing is when my parents moved to their house they thought “great! If we have kids, brantwood public school is accross the street, new central is a 10 minute walk away and OT is right around the corner.” Then OT moved, and I (thank god ) never went to new central.

Hmmm… so your parents live(d?) quite close to the hospital, eh? My stalkersense is tingling… 😉

Don’t be talkin’ like that ’bout New Central – I went there, and it didn’t totally suck.

did you go there when (whats his name max somthing) was there? I would have and that would have been bad. my dad saw that kid start a fire on his own roof and then when he told his mother she started yelling at my dad for picking on her cause she was a single mother. bad scene.

Max… name’s not ringing any bells. Could it be Alex?

The most outlandish things I remember are a kid named Mikey getting a checkerboard pattern shaved in his head, some kid named Darcy of indeterminate gender, and my friend Chris building a weird model rocket with a propeller in the back.

(The idea being that after takeoff, the propeller starts spinning, and creates lift – thus prolonging flight. Somewhat the opposite actually happened.)

There was a lot of division in that school, I remember that – they had the gifted program there, along with the regular stream. If the two hadn’t been kept so segregated, things might not have been so tense all the time.

for the record… the prop wasn’t for extra lift. that’s just silly. the idea was to replace fins as the stabilization device. you know, gyroscopes and what not. the nose was weighted too, on the way down the prop doubled as the recovery system by slowing the descent.

the problem i had was that the blades were pitched way, way too shallow and the drag they caused during liftoff was tremendous. but, my rocket flew pretty well… ~200ft in altitude and a safe recovery.

in the mean time, obligatory pro-new central comment goes here.

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