Carnival of the Canucks, Part 4: Four Pounds of Back Bacon

Boss Ross, thinks that the boss of a certain special lady friend of mine misses the point about public participation in ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the people who oversee the assignment of domain names (such as and numbers (which all those nice domain names translate to). If the minutae of internet governance isn’t your cup of tea, there’s Ross’ entry on his quitting smoking, a must-read if you’re trying to quit the vile weed.

Elliot Noss, He Who Reigns Above Us All at Tucows also has a blog, and if internet governance is your bag, you should read his article on the recent WSIS meeting in Geneva.

My former coworker at OpenCola, Gary Lawrence Murphy, is a programmer, musician and expert observational chronicler. He writes about an anti-RIAA guerilla stickering campaign — one that I believe BoingBoing (co-edited by Canadian expat Cory Doctorow) hasn’t yet blogged it — that’s pretty cool.

Politics always makes for strong emotions and strong statements, and Deenster (who also worked with me at OpenCola) has a posting about her own experience with anger in the Israel/Palestine debate in her charming blog, Pony.

My one-stop checkpoint for things about the internet and juggling information is Circadian Shift. Jen Vetterli is a tireless aggregator of this sort of information, and as someone who works in the research and innovation wing of a company that helps make the Internet go, I find it incredibly useful.

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