Carnival of the Canucks, Part 3: Three French Toasts

Photo: Kenora Dinner Jacket.

Tony Gill,who runs Gill Advisors and has a business blog, in thinking about the parallels between the internet and coffee houses and the proposed replacement for the World Trade Center, writes:

Today, as in years gone by, freedom is not in the tallest structures in the world, but in small coffee shops on street corners where people gather to exchange information and ideas, to read a newspaper or magazine, or to connect to the Internet with laptop computers or wireless handheld devices to check their email and, perhaps, post notes to their websites on a Saturday morning.

Abnu is a Canadian working for an American company in Toronto (the most roundabout description since the tag line for the movie Victor Victroria). Naming and branding is his line of work, so he’s got something to say about the naming of “Operation Red Dawn”, in which one Saddam Hussein Al-Tikrit was captured.

Never mind “A Boy Named Sue”, here’s a girl named Bill! Bill’s one of the YULBloggers (a Montreal blogging social group) I met this September, and her blog, Geekward Ho is one of my regular reads. Her blog currently has a number of good Christmas jokes and some observations about what she learned over a three-day period.

My favourite right-wing canuck, Colby Cosh, wrote the best summary of The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King ever:

Hey, have you guys heard about this Return of the King movie? It’s pretty darn good! It’s about these Irish midgets who save the world! You should check it out!

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