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Cream Soda makes The Post

Photo: Tara Hunt demonstrates her dance moves at Cream Soda.

My friend Tara Hunt runs her own marketing firm, Rogue Strategies, by day and her disco revival party, Cream Soda, by night. It seems to have gone over well; her Cream Soda nights are always packed, and now the National Post has a story on her.

(You may remember Tara from my report from the Naked News launch party.)

2 replies on “Cream Soda makes The Post”

It seems that when I sent out invites for my party, Tara mined the “To:” list, which I deliberately left unobscured so that people could get in touch with each other for rides, booze purchases or anything else.

I suggest you email her if you want to be taken off the list; she’s pretty good about these things.

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