You’ve probably already heard the very good news: Saddam Hussein, dictator and alleged porn star, has been captured. There’s rejoicing from all corners of the ‘Net, from Salam “Baghdad Blogger” Pax to Little Green Footballs. Sometimes, Christmas presents come early.

The Redhead informed me that the operation to capture him was called “Red Dawn”, to which I replied “WOLVERIIIIIINES!”. A little subsequent Googling found me this report, stating that the targets were named “Wolverine 1” and “Wolverine 2”. It’s nice to see an underrated action flick finally get its due.

Saddam and the geek image problem

Here’s a little something for the geeks to think about.

Below is the photo of a freshly-captured Saddam, who’d been hiding in a cramped and presumably not-climate-controlled “spider hole”. He was described being “disoriented” when he was found, which suggests he’d been holed up there for at least hours, if not days. Needless to say, he probably hasn’t had an opportunity to practice daily hygiene, hence he looks like this:

Photo: Saddam Hussein after his capture by U.S. Forces.

Now, let’s take a look at Free Software guru Richard M. Stallman, who is not hiding from U.S. Forces in a hole in Tikrit, but hanging out in an office at Harvard, where I hear soap, running water, hair gel and trimmers are cheap and plentiful. And remember, this photo was taken for an article, so they probably took a set of pictures and chose the best one:

Photo: Richard M. Stallman.

Somebody please tell me why they appear to have the exact same level of grooming.

Really, my fellow nerds, a little break from the keyboard for a wash and a trim wouldn’t kill you, would it?

4 replies on “Wolveriiiiiiiines!”

Not to split hairs, but the refuse-to-groom contingent of geekdom is just a fringe element nowadays. When it comes down to naming names, there’s Alan Cox and RMS, but I can’t think of many others that don’t make the cut…

– Ian

Actually, Saddam looks better…he has obviously had a more recent haircut, and you also have to consider that he’s a lot older.


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