Low-carb good news / bad news

The good news:

A restaurant is making it easier to eat low-carb when eating out: they’ve introduced a new Atkins-approved line of foods to their menu.

The bad news:

That restaurant is T.G.I. Fridays.

Okay,okay, there’s nothing terribly wrong with T.G.I. Friday’s; it’s just that it reminds me too much of the restaurant in Office Space, where Jennifer Aniston plays a waitress who is scolded for not wearing enough pieces of “flair.” It just reeks of the sort of place where you’d eat if you worked in a cheesy suburban office park.

The strange coincidence:

I know a charming young woman who is in international business development. She is responsible for bringing T.G.I. Fridays to Central Europe.

The statement “no two countries with a McDonald’s have ever gone to war” is no longer true — the US/Serbia conflict negated that one. Perhaps T.G.I. Fridays can keep the peace where McDonald’s failed.

The Canadian news:

The Atkins site now has an Atkins Canada section. It has the headline: “Living the controlled-carb lifestyle in Canada,” which is a dead giveaway that whoever wrote it doesn’t understand us.

I would have written it as “Low-carb, eh? Give ‘er!

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