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I’m with the band

Last night’s band rehearsal — the first for me — went quite well, if late into the night (I got home at 2:30 a.m.). Pete’s driving the bus song-writing-wise, and he’s excellent: the songs structures are remind me at times of The Smiths, Radiohead (especially with Pete’s singing) and Game Theory (especially with the me manning the synth).

It’s been a while since I’ve played synths with a band — the last time was probably 1999, with our improv ambient electronica band Lion, with Karl Mohr, Krista “Lederhosen Lucil” Muir and Rachel Smith.

Pete’s providing a Korg Triton, which is probably the best synth I’ve ever been assigned. Even through the guitar amp that I used last night, I can hear great things coming from it. I need to fix up my trusty Rhodes keyboard amp this weekend and bring it back to life. The last time it saw active duty, I was with Kingston’s loudest band, Volume, and George (on bass) and I cranked both our instruments through it. That’s probably what blew its speakers in the first place.

The rehearsal space is a little shack out in Mississauga, a satellite city just west of Accordion City. It is blessedly close to a Starbucks and a Rabba (a chain of 24-hour grocery/deli/convenience stores), an absolute necessity for band rehearsals.

Goofy band exchange of the evening:

Wil (raising his fist and looking right at me): Asian gang!

Me (returning the gesture): Asian gang, yo!

Wil (to the other three guys in the band): Look out whitey, me and Joey outnumber you.

Me: Uh, Wil…there’s two of us and three of them. Two is less than three.

Pete: I thought you guys were supposed to be good at math.

There was also an interesting discussion where we concluded that you should not get a Brazilian wax from family members, even if they’re in than line of business. Ewwww!

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