Blogging is everywhere [UPDATED]

Update: I fixed the Orneryboy link.

Knoxville, Tennessee’s KnoxNews: Blog brigade marches on, although drums differ. Blogging on the Left! Blogging on the Right! Top 20 Definitions of Blogging.

Orneryboy shows why threatening to bad-mouth someone in your blog (Flash required) isn’t as menacing as it sounds.

Via Anil Dash: The Gothamist’s notes on what not to do when you blog. I break bits of rule number 2: “…do not write about yourself. Do not write about your friends.” I post little bits about my family, but I would gladly take a bullet for each and every one of them, and there’s no way in Hell I would ever violate their privacy or hurt them with my blogging. And damned right I’m going to blog “that girl at the bodega on 4th avenue and how she’s giving you the eye”. I just won’t blog any details should I be so fortunate as to return the favour and give her some sweet accordion lovin’. And hey, my boss and boss’ boss read my blog; if I — God forbid — slack off on the job, I’m not bloggin’ that.

Via the top-secret internal Research and Innovation blog we maintain within Tucows: Hewlett-Packard has placed ads in San Francisco’s MUNI and BART stations, one of which is “You blog, don’t you?”

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