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The Best Accordion Picture Ever…and the one that will replace it

This is Louise. I met her at Burning Man in 1999. We got along famously, and while we were getting acquainted, she graciously posed for what used to be the Best Accordion Picture Ever:

Photo: The former Best Accordion Picture Ever.

One of the people behind last Saturday’s For the Love of Breasts gala sent me a photo that shall be the new Best Accordion Picture Ever, and I’ll post it on Monday.

3 replies on “The Best Accordion Picture Ever…and the one that will replace it”

AG, how can you seriously just post this taunting entry and expect us to wait two whole days before you post the new best accordion picture? One of these days you are going to start a riot with all of your loyal readers wanting to latest picture or story before you are willing to post it! You have the reins of a powerful force here; I hope you understand your responsibilities.


Hrmm, well I’m a straight female who has seen her share of boobies, so count me out on the legions of those chomping at the bit to see this photo you so fondly speak of.


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