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Post-party report

Before I begin, my thanks to all those who attended, double thanks to all those who helped out with setting up, and triple thanks to my housemates, who went above and beyond the call of duty in helping get this thing together. It was an excellent party, and I have no idea how I’ll top it next year…yet.

If you attended, you probably know what happened.

If you didn’t, you missed out on: two bathtubs packed to the rim with booze, the most eclectic group of partiers you’ll find anywhere, good music, great conversation, unbloggable drama and co-ed semi-naked and naked hot tub action.

Plus, I used my schmooze-fu to talk the cops down from lots of fines to a stern warning.

I’ll report in more detail once I’ve had some sleep. Watch this space!

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Sounds like fun in excess. Can you arrange for a total lunar eclipse again for next year’s fracas? [Insert your own naked hot tub/full Moon/geek joke here to hilarious effect.]


Damn it! I knew I’d miss some nudity as soon as I left. I always seem to leave before something major happens.

Thanks for your hospitality! I had a great time, and I’m sure I made enough of a drunken fool of myself for your friends to be wondering, “What is WITH that girl?” Heh. Ah well.

-Panic aka Meanone

Great party Joey! The cops busting the hot-tub truck was definitely a highlight. I had an enjoyable conversation with them about exactly what was illegal about the whole ordeal.

I love Canada, but at the same time it frightens me that I can live in a place where such a brilliant idea—a giant truck with a hot tub in the back—can be illegal on so many levels. *sigh*

But anyhow, happy birthday and thanks again for the invite! I had a great time and met plenty of interesting and thoroughly enjoyable people.

Damn! Makes me wish I lived in Accordion City. Sounds like a great time was had by all.

I am having the same dilemma. I graduated from college this year and started an annual Clambake/Beer-B-Q, as I call it. It went off so well, I have to try to think of something to top it next year.

Les post-party impressions…

* [overheard on the smoking deck]: “What’s with the CK ad makeout session going on in Joey’s bed?”

* Tater tots _should_ be cooked to the recommended time on the packaging…

* ‘Groove is in the Heart’ ONE! MORE! TIME!

* [overheard on the couches]: “Where do adult goths go during the daytime?”

* Jenna’s Beyonce bum-twitter impression

* [overheard at the hottub conversation with the fuzz]:

A – “What’s the problem?”

cop – “Open alcohol.”

A – “Uh, but those are all empty.”

cop – “Doesn’t matter – they’re open alcohol.”

A – “All I see is empty bottles – isn’t that usually called… garbage?”

cop – “…[flashlight waved in face]… ”

Thanks Jo, the 2600km commute to the Scorpiopath Soiree thanks you, the G. Fawkes Fanclub thanks you. If you see my wand, pls. send.

bisses, Gahl de la Cruz

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