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Just two Catholics, agreeing to disagree…

In his Toronto mayoral election blog, Last Chance City, Rick McGinnis reports that:

THE KATHY SHAIDLE/JOEY DE VILLA GRUDGE MATCH apparently went all nuclear in the comments section of David Janes’ blog.

Nuclear? Hardly. I think of it as sprited debate between two Catholics who agree to disagree. The level of animosity is no more than two neighbours disagreeing on the issue of lawn gnomes on one of their front yards.

(On second thought, I’ve seen lawn gnome debates get really nasty. The point is that the disagreement is more along the lines of the Debating Club, not Fight Club.)

The debate is interesting, and as long as David “Ranting and Roaring” Janes doesn’t mind and if I can squeeze in the time today, I’ll add more comments. It is my intention to keep things cilvilised (although I’ll toss a witty Wilde-ish barb every now and again; after all, this is me); a blog is someone’s home on the Web, and I intend to be a good guest and am bound by the rules of comity. If you’d like to throw in your two cents, please make sure you do the same.

(By the way, Kathy, you’re invited to the party as well. You may be asked to dance the Macarena in the hot tub. I’ll back you up.)

If you want to know how the debate started, read an earlier blog entry of mine, then see David’s blog entry in response, followed by the debate, which takes place in the comments. It’s good brain food.

Kathy writes:

Joey, I’m surprised, if you read The Door your take on Christianity should have evolved past the Bart Simpson stage.

Hey man, you should be pleased with my progress. It used to be at the Beavis and Butt-Head stage. (“Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh, you said ‘And he knew her’…”)

Besides, a Simpsonian understanding of the Gospels isn’t all bad…

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