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Gizmodo, the gadget weblog, points to Sidetalkin’, a web site devoted to how silly the Nokia N-Gage cellphone makes you look.

For some reason, the designers of the N-Gage decided to place the earpiece and mouthpiece in such a way that you have to talk into it via the skinny side, which has been dubbed “Sidetalking”. Here’s what it looks like:

Photo: Guy enjoying his Nokia N_Gage phone a little too much.

Okay, the facial expression makes it worse. But you get my drift.

Sidetalkin’ has put out a call for pictures of people “sidetalking”. An N-Gage phone isn’t necessary; the person in the photo can be sidetalking into anything, even a tape dispenser. The guy running the site says “I WOULD LIKE MORE PICTURES OF GIRLS”.

Here are my two submissions, and you’ve probably already guessed what I’d be sidetalking into…

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You know, I totally wasn’t going to send in a picture. I thought, man, that’s too silly.

Then Accordion Guy sends in a hella tight picture and makes me wish I had…

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