Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me

Quick gratitude

I would like to express my undying gratutude to whatever forces were guiding me last night. I had an amazingly good evening at the White Cowbell Oklahoma show at Lee’s Palace, which involved:

  • Catching an awesome band at their CD release party
  • Playing a mini-concert in the mosh pit to screaming female fans while waiting for the band to get on
  • Getting pulled up on stage to join the band, complete with an accordion solo!
  • Meeting cute people, getting digits
  • Finally getting my chance to dive into the mobile hot-tub-on-truck that’s been cruising the city
  • Booking the mobile hot tob truck for my birthday party

Life is good.

Details (and photos) later.

One reply on “Quick gratitude”

It was a blast – I have further gossip on that night of a band-related nature. We’ll talk at your birthday party. Digits, huh? Which of the girls hanging off you? There were quite a few …

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