Accordion, Instrument of the Gods It Happened to Me

Accordion encounter at Lizapalooza

Photo: The woman I met and me, Fez Batik, October 18th, 2003.

The scene: The upstairs lounge at the popular restaurant/nightclub Fez Batik, Saturday night at about 10:30 p.m.. The lounge is a junior set decorator’s idea of a scene from Kismet, with persian tapestries hanging from the walls and ceilings and cushions from an old Star Trek pleasure-planet set thrown over low-slung benches and couches. House music constantly thumps in the background and the air is abuzz with Smirnoff Ice-soaked conversation.

Her: Can you really play that thing?

Me: Yeah. Can I play something for you?

Her: Only if you can rock out on that thing.

Me: Funny you should mention that…

(One AC/DC number later)

Her: Whoo! That was awesome! Now can you play Happy Birthday for my husband?

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Ah well, that’s the way the ball bounces sometimes. A guy on the #joiito IRC channel remarked that I had been “cock-blocked by reality,” to which I replied “Reality is the biggest cock-blocker of them all.”

(You’ve got to love that word; it’s so much fun to say! Cock-block! Cock-block! Cock-block!)

In situations like this, I always take the philosophical viewpoint: she started the conversation with me, not vice versa, which in the strange and sometimes terrifying universe of singledom, socializing and Smirnoff Ice, still puts me way ahead of the game.

“Cock block” is a catchy phrase…

my other personal favorite is,

“get off my jock”


I alway enjoy visit to your fine site!

“That thing.”

Can you play “That thing”?

Do you have a name for “that thing”?

Rock me out with “that thing.” Joey!

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